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“Making Properties Look Good”

Day Porter Services


Day Porters keep your property in tip top shape. They will keep the exterior clean, so the property looks good on a daily basis. They will become your eyes and ears, and keep you up to date on everything going on at your property. Below is a list of what this service entails.

  • Keep all common areas and parking areas free of debris.
  • Haul trash to approved dumpsters.
  • Wipe all trash containers and cigarette ash urn lids and sides, as needed.
  • Empty trash and replace liners.
  • Remove cigarette butts and debris from sand urn and replenish with sand, as needed.
  • Wipe all exterior window sills and benches.
  • Remove minor writing and graffiti using a chemical cleaner.
  • Remove unauthorized advertising from walls, windows, parking lot light poles, traffic signs and poles and any other property accessories.
  • Spot clean any spills on sidewalks.
  • Police dumpster enclosures, place loose trash debris in dumpster.
  • Report any vandalism, illegal dumping and tenant issues, as needed.
  • Report illegally parked or abandoned vehicles include the make, model and license plate number.